From The Desk of Gilan Gork, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Senior Leader,

Think of your team like a high-performance sports car, racing at a pro level where the stakes and expectations are high. It may already be moving swiftly, but what if you could tweak the engine and get it to perform even more powerfully? At this top level, everyone and everything needs to operate like a well-oiled machine, driven by a high-performance culture.

If your team is already performing decently, the things to tweak to elevate the team culture to the highest level of performance may not be obvious.

The signs of a team that isn’t operating at its highest level can be subtle but painful. Perhaps there’s a nuanced lack of trust, or a fear of conflict that’s discouraging individuals from fully collaborating or committing to decisions. Maybe there’s a subtle resistance to change, or an avoidance of accountability. These pain points have a nasty habit of appearing at critical times when they’re least welcome.

The stakes are high, since the success of your team has a significant impact on the success of the company. It may feel overwhelming at times, but you do not need to go at it alone…

On this page I’m sharing with you a summary of the core concepts I’ve only ever shared with the global leadership teams who've commercially engaged me to help them (Fortune 500 companies, NATO, governments, and other excos).

The information on this page, even though summarised into a fast 7-minute read, will give you an instant advantage in building your highest-performing culture, aligned to your strategy.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The True Barrier of a High-Performance Team Culture
  • Breaking the Barrier (And Why Most Leadership Development Fails)
  • How to Catalyse a High-Performance Culture Breakthrough

Ready? Let’s go!