How to Catalyse a High-Performance Culture Breakthrough

The 5 above-mentioned performance barriers, which are the enemy to you achieving the highest-performing team culture, stem from 37 measurable behaviours.

Many leadership courses attempt to address these behaviours in one way or another, but they fail to create lasting behavioural change because they do not identify and remedy the counterproductive beliefs and assumptions that are the root of the behaviours (“under the surface”).

That’s why one’s behaviour might change for a while, but inevitably reverts back to what it was in the first place, especially when one’s under stress or pressure (have you ever observed that happening in your team before?)

This is where the ‘Change-Mindset Assessment’ comes in.

I’ll explain more specifics of the assessment below, and you’ll also get an understanding of it from comments I’ve placed next to relevant points below,  by senior leaders who ran it with their teams.