Applied to Leadership

Today’s times underscore a vital reality every leader must embrace: influence is the cornerstone of leadership. The Rapid Influence Formula offers a practical, values-driven approach to quickly and effectively developing influence.

Leadership guru John C. Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” Gilan agrees, adding, “A leader without influence is like a magnet that’s lost its power. It may look the part, but has no ability to move anything.”

The potential of this keynote in the context of leadership is immense because it offers a clear and replicable process to enhance trust, credibility, and support – key factors that are not just the pillars of influence but also the very bedrock of effective leadership.

Leaders often find themselves navigating rapidly changing landscapes and facing significant challenges that require swift action and decision-making. In these situations, having a readily deployable formula for influence becomes an invaluable tool in any leader’s toolkit.