The Change-Mindset Assessment (CMA)

With the CMA, the 37 behaviours behind the 5 performance barriers become measurable, including the root beliefs and assumptions driving each behaviour.

The CMA is a short, but deeply insightful assessment which helps:

  • Diagnose any performance barriers (even subtle ones) preventing the team from reaching its highest level of cohesiveness and effectiveness, as well as the behaviours linked to the barriers.
  • Uncover the unconscious limiting beliefs and assumptions which are at the root of any counterproductive behaviour.
  • Measure each leader’s skill of observing unconscious assumptions and the emotions the assumptions evoke, so your team can become masters of behaviour change. 

    Once done, the team’s collective behaviour can be tangibly shifted to resolve any barriers holding them back from reaching their highest level of performance, impact and success. 
I am currently offering the CMA at no cost.

However, please note: Since it takes time to engage people personally to debrief the report and provide advice, we are not always able to make this offer, and can only provide it to a limited number of teams at one time.

If you’re reading this, it means the zero-cost offer is currently open and my advice is to request it now. The usual investment for the CMA ranges from $10,000 USD per leadership team, so don’t miss this opportunity.

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