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About our clients

At Influence Institute, we pride ourselves on empowering leaders through groundbreaking strategies and insights, but the true measure of our success lies in the experiences and achievements of our clients.

Here, you’ll find a collection of heartfelt testimonials from diverse leaders who have experienced firsthand the transformative power of our programs, led by the expertise of Gilan Gork. These stories of personal and professional growth illuminate the profound effect that influential leadership can have on individuals and organisations alike.


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What I love about Gilan is that he is the real deal. He’s got really solid content. He’s got tools and information that you can use right away. He makes it easy for you to remember and internalise it.

Gerry Skerrit

Dream Team Catalyst

Gilan is one of the world’s top experts in reading and influencing people, I have followed his work.

- GARETH CLIFF, Radio and TV Personality

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What I love most about Gilan is that he is incredibly abundant and gives of his time even though he is an extremely busy guy. Thank you Gilan for being so abundant in such an authentic way.

Joni Peddie

Human Behaviourist

After our brief, Gilan totally bought in and prepared custom pieces for his part of the programme. In the pitch, Gilan was a hit and through his performance, was able to drive home our concept to the client. Thank you Gilan for your absolute professionalism.

- KAREN POOLE, Business Director at Openfield

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I continue to look for ways to work with Gilan because he goes beyond what we see a traditional mentalist as. He’s consistently pushing the boundaries and applying what he knows to so much more than just entertainment. And then there’s the professionalism, and the quality of the packaging. So when you add that all together you have someone who brings incredible value.

John Vlismas

Award-winning Comedian

Your sessions were not just entertaining, but were enlightening too. I have already started to read people better and I am sure this will not only help my professional life, but my personal life too.


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He has the unique ability to entertain you and teach you something at the same time, which is a skill that the best teachers possess. So if you want the best of the best, there’s only one guy, Gilan Gork!

Danny K

Singer, Songwriter, Speaker

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“Every time I’ve met Gilan I’ve been so fascinated by the work he’s done. I’ve attended his workshops and seen him do some crazy stuff live on stage! In my conversation with him I’ve learnt a lot about the principles of influence, and I think everyone should learn this, to be able to self-improve to be a better person both in the workplace and in your personal life.”

Alex Granger

CEO: The Possibility of You

I loved your talk and your gala dinner presentation, especially the part on the importance of where you sit in a meeting depending upon what you need to get out of it. I had never really thought about it before but once you pointed out it made complete sense!

- FIONA BEVAN, Bevan Financial Management U.K.

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At first I thought Gilan was just an entertainer with tricks, but what I didn’t realise, and have come to see now, is that he really does understand the art of influence and persuasion, and he can teach you that art – in fact I have learnt it from him myself. He’s been able to extract the principles of influence and persuasion and he can teach you, just as he’s taught me, how to use these principles in your own life and career. I have applied what Gilan teaches in my own business and have seen the effects.

Graeme Codrington

Founding Director: TomorrowToday

Gilan is undoubtedly a master craftsman giving a masterclass. I am inspired with the enthusiasm of a student, for an excellent teacher, and look forward to the further opportunities to learn and hone my skills.

- BOB SCULTHORPE, Pro Edge United Kingdom

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Gilan is one of the all-time gurus and master influencers. I’ve seen Gilan Gork on stage everywhere, from corporate audiences to audiences that are just there for entertainment, and I’m petrified of this man – he always knows what I’m thinking! If you want to learn influence from a master then best you find out what this guy is up to because Gilan Gork will blow you away!

Michael Jackson

Change Agent & Facilitator

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Leigh-Ann Brown

CEO, Chartall Business College

This assessment highlighted how the culture of a high-performance team doesn’t necessarily look how you expect it to look. Knowing my team’s current culture benefits the team.

Jacques Jordaan

Operations Exec at Indwe Financial Services

It gave me a good idea of team members’ views on things. We go about life in a certain way, but the assessment helps you consider why you’re doing things the way you do them. 

Fred Du Plessis

Operations Manager at Truworths

The assessment feedback helped me to drill down on my team members’ behaviour and the perceptions they have about their leaders, their peers and the company itself. I’m using the assessment to great effect to assist them in becoming so much more.

Maya Govind

Chief of Human Resources at TRT Investments

I have looked at the report and it’s fantastic in the insights it provides. I am still working through it in detail.

Heather Lowe

Head of SME Development at FNB

The assessment very clearly helps you to identify where your team is at in terms of their scalability, due to their beliefs and assumptions, and what interventions you need to put in place to help them level up. 

Neville Lindsay

Head of People at Discovery Health

Your session with the Discovery Health Exco last month was exceptional. Thank you. We have really benefited through the assessment feedback.

Andiswa Bata

Head of SME Segment Exco, FNB

Our SME segment leadership team was profoundly impacted by the insights the assessment surfaced about us, our business, and how we navigate into the future. It’s changed how we do things, for the better. Thank you!

Danie van Niekerk

Exec Head at Indwe Financial Services

Throughout our career we do so many psychometric tests and it tends to put us in a certain box. This assessment gives you insights into your views and behaviours in a way that has nothing to do with personality type.