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Persuasion Games

Gilan Gork is an internationally renowned mentalist, best-selling author, international speaker and the founder of Influence Institute. He’s also known as the ‘Master of Influence’ by his clients and believes that your ideas deserve attention.

For over twenty years Gilan’s experience as a professional mentalist has helped people release their power of subtle persuasion which is a talent, that he believes, is available to everyone. All things to do with influence are the foundations of what Gilan does – there is no supernatural or psychic ability in what Gilan does. The only teachable skills are in reading and using body language, understanding psychology and people, and making use of the power of the mind in order to achieve results.

In 2016 Gilan founded the Influence Institute, where he and his team believe that everyone has ideas, products or services that deserve attention. He teaches people how to apply a working knowledge of influence in addition to persuasion to real-life practical situations. This is so that they can be able to lead, sell, negotiate, market and inspire on an entirely new level.

As a part of Gilan’s individual presentation style, he interactively shows an amazing ability to decode as well as influence people’s thoughts. He shows how, through psychology, it is possible for you to rapidly increase your levels of trust, credibility as well as influence with others.

Gilan has also presented for Fortune500 companies in almost 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and America. He has two decades’ worth of experience as a professional mentalist who creates unique learning experiences of unleashing influence.

Here is what others say about Gilan:

“I recently spoke at the Sales Influence workshop that Gilan organised. It was an absolute masterclass in how to add value to an audience, while entertaining and inspiring them at the same time. Gilan is a class act. If you need to improve your influence in any area of life, let Gilan show you how.”

“I had the pleasure of seeing Gilan speak/perform in South Africa at the PSA convention at the Gala evening. He will blow you away with his show, leaving you asking ‘how did he do that?’ I’m still thinking about his show days later!”

The powerful Persuasion Games course explores the intricacies of employing persuasion games to influence those around you and according to Gilan, we’re all playing persuasion games all the time, whether we realise it or not.

This is an exciting journey with one of the world’s top mentalists where he teaches you the hidden secrets of persuasion and influence. These persuasion secrets can be used on clients, colleagues, family or friends and even strangers. Being able to skillfully move people in the direction you want is a skill that hugely benefits you both in your professional and personal life.

The course explains in detail how our minds are influenced every single day by many things that cross our path, for example things that we see, hear and feel. You’ll learn how to understand what makes our mind tick and to realize that most decisions are made in a predictive context.